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Boy on bicycle near a migrant camp

Our purpose is to ensure the voices of traumatized migrants are heard and understood. We do this by listening to and documenting their accounts of human rights abuses, by serving as expert witnesses for their asylum petitions, and by advocating for policies that will preserve their emotional health. 

Our vision includes expansion of services in all southern border states, trauma care for immigrant communities, and mental health education for host communities and policymakers toward a kinder, more welcoming social environment. 

Our core values are that all people deserve life, purpose, dignity, safety, opportunity, and connections with those they love. 

A Little About Me

For many years before H.O.M.E., I was a trauma therapist who volunteered among asylum seekers. Their determination to stay alive drew me in, but the barriers they faced in that process stunned me. I quickly learned that traditional therapy was not enough. I couldn’t treat post-trauma distress when my clients’ trauma was not yet post. I couldn’t help them feel safe when their reality was potential deportation to the places they had fled. But as witness to the emotional impact of the human rights abuses they had endured, I could equip them with evidence that made a real difference in their immigration outcomes. And now through H.O.M.E., I lead an excellent team of licensed clinicians who offer their own compassion and expertise for the same purpose.

Jenifer in a migrant camp
Jenifer Wolf-Williams, EdD, LPA, LPC-S
Image by Heather Ford

Our Team

Jenifer Wolf-Williams, EdD, LPA, LPC-S, Executive Director

Beatriz Zavala, LCSW, Clinical Coordinator

Clinical Team

H.O.M.E. has developed an expert clinical team of fully licensed mental health professionals who understand the immigration process. Many are native Spanish speakers, many live in border regions, and some have immigration stories of their own. Some are fluent in other needed languages, including Russian, French, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Their specialties include trauma care, child development, forensic psychology, educational psychology, and more. They are licensed in Texas and in more than 32 additional states, which is important when a client joins family members in those states or when detained clients are transferred by ICE. H.O.M.E. clinicians are committed to providing essential mental health services for immigrant clients and their families. Because H.O.M.E. provides a modest stipend for their services, they are able to participate regularly and develop expertise in the complex immigration assessment process.

Board of Directors

David Gangsei, PhD, Board President

Linda Corchado, JD, Board Vice President

Linnea Rademaker, PhD, Board Secretary

Yvonne Elkin, Board Treasurer

Sergio Rothstein, PhD

Alexandra Duran, Ed.D

Shawn Sidhu, MD

Advisory Board

Judy Eidelson, PhD

Paul Zoltan, JD

Bill Holston, JD

Selma Yznaga, PhD

How You Can Help



H.O.M.E. provides a vital service to vulnerable asylum seekers with acute needs, and we do not charge them for this service. We depend on the generosity of donors and volunteers to keep this work going, and we are grateful for each person who steps in to help!


H.O.M.E. also relies on the generosity of volunteers, and we welcome a discussion about how your skills and strengths might be valuable to the work of H.O.M.E. Please reach out to us through email below.


Because it is essential for H.O.M.E. mental health professionals to develop specific expertise in immigration mental health assessment, we offer a modest stipend to evaluators, enabling them to participate regularly. If you are a licensed mental health professional and would like to work with H.O.M.E., please complete the form below or contact with any questions.

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