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Stories from H.O.M.E.


Content Disclaimer: The stories below contain traumatic events and may not be suitable for all readers. Events are actual, but names and details are altered for privacy.

Elena's Story

Homework Help

Shortly after Elena and her husband were married, he began to beat her. At first, Elena hoped things would get better, but her husband became increasingly violent. He soon controlled Elena’s daily activities, kept her locked inside, deprived her of food, and threatened to kill her and their baby daughter.


Ava's Story

Quechua Indigenous Women

Ava was alarmed when she learned her government was persecuting indigenous communities and taking their land. She heard about a protest in her city, Nicaragua’s capital, and took a bus downtown with a group of friends to march in the streets, chant, and carry signs. Ava and her friends hoped their voices would be heard. They did not expect their government’s sudden use of violence.


Adamma's Story

Lagos Nigeria

When Adamma, a young woman in Nigeria, found a job in a local factory, she was hopeful. The salary would help support her, her chronically ill mother, and her younger brother. But Adamma was also burdened by a secret fear: She was dating a coworker, another woman, and the two maintained a hidden relationship.


Aapo's Story

Image by Hermes Rivera

Aapo was a community health educator in the rural indigenous region of Nicaragua where he had grown up. He divided his time among five villages, teaching community health practices and providing first aid when medical professionals could not be reached. Aapo even put together a health guidebook and saved enough money to print copies for community leaders.


Josue's Story

Image by Tim Marshall

Josue and Sonia were frightened when local gang leaders demanded increased “tax” on the small produce store they managed in northern El Salvador. The young parents already struggled to meet the gang’s monetary demands and still provide for their two children. But the gangs were powerful in their city, and not long ago, they had killed a near neighbor for refusing to join them. Josue and Sonia were careful to meet the gang’s demands despite the financial hardships this caused, but the new amount was simply impossible.


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