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Mental Health Assessments for Immigration Petitions


Welcome to H.O.M.E.! We accept mental health assessment requests from nonprofit or pro bono immigration legal representatives in southern border states, so if that is your context, we look forward to partnering with you.


Our expertise includes assessments for asylum, CAT, VAWA, U-Visa, and T-Visa petitions, as well as cancellation of removal. We also have considerable experience with urgent humanitarian parole requests and with release from detention petitions. Assessments for these are brief, and we complete them rapidly due to urgent needs. We assign each request to a clinician with appropriate expertise and licensure, and when possible, someone fluent in the client’s language. All affidavits are reviewed by a highly experienced evaluator.


At H.O.M.E., our mission is to ensure everyone who needs an assessment can have one, regardless of ability to pay, and we do not charge clients for our expert services. But it’s important for our collaborating partners to understand that H.O.M.E. pays clinicians and interpreters for their services. This allows our team to stay engaged over time and to develop expertise in the complex field of immigration mental health assessment.


We trust our referring agencies to respect the tension between our desire to help with high-need cases and our struggle to cover the costs. As a young non-profit, our funding is limited, and we appreciate your willingness to help at the level you can. If your agency is unable to cover the cost of a needed assessment, please don’t let that stop you from submitting your request! But do reach out to us about potential solutions for our longterm partnership.

Please reach out to us directly with any questions. We’d be happy to talk about your clients’ unique needs and to look for ways H.O.M.E. can help you meet those needs. If you’re ready to submit a request, the button below will take you to our secure intake form. To reach us directly, email We look forward to working with you!

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